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We are a younger valheim community that prides itself on We have a handful of very active admins that make sure everyone's Valheim experience is the best one we can provide.

Joining is as easy as clicking on the Discord link and following the instructions. This process is required so we can whitelist you, and keep our community safe! Tyrenheim's first and most important objective is having a server free from cheaters or griefers. With a strong anti-cheat, and nearly exhaustive logs, we can pinpoint almost any event that has happened in the server. Currently we have the server set to allow 128 simultaneous players; this is expected to grow as our community does. We are mainly a PvE server, with of course dedicated places for PvP. We love having builders in our server, as they provide inspiration to everyone. We have a merchant guild where players act as traders for all the goods in the game by trading with gold coins. There are towns and villages spread across the map, with some special built POI that are unique to our server. The only way to figure out what they are is to come check us out! We want the server to reflect our community, and that changes with the awesome people within it; this is why we are looking for new members to join us! Join the discord for the IP, Password and more information!


  • Tyrenheim Exclusive Mods
  • Extended Loot System!
  • Active Moderation Team
  • Strong Anti-Cheat System
  • Amazing/Active Community!
  • Carefully Selected Mods
  • Regular Events hosted by admins and community members
  • Custom Places of Interest
  • Mainly PvE
  • Hosted in the United States
  • Semi-automated whitelisting process


Below is a snapshot of the rules you will need to agree to before joining the community.(updated:04/28/2022)

  1. Above all else, respect everyone in this server. If you ruin someone's fun, you will face the (ban)hammer.
  2. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.
  3. Stealing, griefing, and destroying things that do no belong to you, is strictly prohibited.
  4. Cheating or modifying your game in any way outside of the package that we give you, will result in an auto-ban. If you think there has been a mistake, let one of the admins know.
  5. You can not build on someone else's property unless you get expressed permission. If you believe it is abandoned, ask an admin. Only ward things you've built, no plot markers or staking.
  6. Restricting access to dungeons/crypts/caves/resources and through waterways is forbidden.
  7. PvP is forbidden on Spawn Island, everywhere else you will need consent from other players.
  8. When you are added to the whitelist, you are agreeing that the Admins/Mods will permanently change your nickname in Discord to match your Valheim name. Other characters will not be allowed.
  9. The rules here are considered binding once you are in the Proven role. Any violations from these rules can result in a perma-ban.
  10. The decisions from our Administrative staff are considered final. Any harassment of said decision will result in a ban from our Valheim and Discord server. Period. Any attempts to circumvent bans will result in a shadow ban.
  11. You are supposed to have fun. These rules are to make very clear that we do not tolerate assholes, and have put such measures in place to ensure a healthy community. Any feedback you have we would be glad to read!
  12. Admins will not retrieve or respawn items that have been thrown or tossed. This includes natural deaths. Unless it's the server's or another players fault, admins will not intervene.
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